1917 $2 Legal Tender Note

The value depends mainly on the status of the invoice. There are no star ratings for this series. Value: To give an estimate of this note in circulation, under normal market average conditions, you would look at about $40, while the same uncirculated note (UNC) would be worth about $200. Under average conditions, we are talking about the majority of banknotes in circulation in the worn and uncirculated state, which means that they do not have a single envelope or anomaly on the invoice. Very good – A note in circulation that has significant wear. There may be one or two tears at the edge of the note. The note can be discolored, dark or flaccid. The two-dollar bills of 1917 may have value depending on their condition. Read on to learn more about these invoices. Text on Note: 2 – Two dollars – This note is legal tender for two dollars – Series of 1917 – Engraved and printed in the office, engraving and printing – The United States pays the holder Two dollars – United States note – Two – Red Seal – Thomas Jefferson The 1917 Series 2 notes are worth about 70 dollars in very good condition. In very good condition, the value is about 150 US dollars. In very good condition, the value is $200 to $215.

Undistributed tickets with an MS 63 ticket can be sold for approximately $475. View Catalog Details Hide Catalog Details Only retailers®` GICs represent the level of retail sales. Collectors should refer to the values of consumer staples as a starting point for their negotiations or as a reference for auction bids. CAC prices apply to U.S. parts that meet the standards of the Certified Acceptance Corporation. You can learn more about CAC on their website. Stay up to date with information updates and partner information. Enter your email address and subscribe to our newsletter. Note: Valuable notes must be placed in major currencies. Grey/green leaf prices are the wholesale market levels for collector coins/paper money designed to indicate what a merchant or wholesale buyer would pay for the item described in the specified category. Greysheet/Greensheet represent the values of “view lakes” based on a buyer`s rating. The real value can be more or less, depending on factors such as the attractiveness of the eyes and the timing of the market.

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