Legal Aid for Seniors in Az

PCOA also provides legal assistance to those in need and qualified through our community partner, Southern Arizona Legal Aid, and may offer referrals to other legal entities such as the Pima County Bar Attorneys` Referral Service. A legal document creator, also known as an LDA, is not a lawyer, but someone who is licensed to prepare legal documents such as wills and trusts. Legal document creators do not work under the supervision of a lawyer and are not paralegals. LDAs cannot provide legal advice. Guardianship is a legal procedure in which the court determines that a person is incapable of making decisions for themselves and is in need of protection. Guardianship protects against self-abuse. Some reasons for becoming a guardian may be that the older adult has difficulty meeting basic needs, such as food and shelter, making decisions about medical treatments, or has a cognitive problem that leads to dangerous choices. Elder lawyers provide assistance to seniors and their families with legal matters, including but not limited to estate planning, long-term care, guardianship and assistance, and power of attorney. Three to four times a month, volunteer attorneys from the PCOA office make themselves available for one-on-one appointments to advise seniors only on legal issues such as estate planning, wills, estate, guardianship and curatorship, and Arizona`s long-term care system. Appointments are required and a voluntary donation of $15 is requested.

Provides information and legal assistance to seniors in Maricopa County. Volunteer lawyers and trained lawyers can assist clients with all legal matters such as government benefits, consumer matters, wills, estate and guardianship. Legal issues regarding immigration or immigration status can be complicated. These community resources answer questions, legally represent immigrants and their families, and help navigate the immigration system. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) provides information and assistance on all aspects of citizenship and immigration; For general immigration questions, contact USCIS. Many lawyers, community resources and law firms provide access to legal services to help you or your loved ones in a variety of situations. Low-cost, low-cost legal services may also be available to financially eligible individuals. Lawyers work with people to provide legal advice and solutions. If you decide to contact an attorney on legal matters, please do not send personally identifiable information to the attorney until you have spoken to them and confirmed that the information will remain confidential. Social Security, disability, and employee lawyers can help you with Social Security and workers` compensation disputes.

A notary is a person who serves the public and can attend the signing of documents, take an oath and take affidavits. In addition to the notarial services listed by PCOA, some mail order companies, government offices and banks also offer notarial services. White Mountain Legal Aid (520) 537-8383PO Box 1740Lakeside, AZ 85929Elder, Consumer, Penalty and Estates Planning.

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