Code Black Herbal Incense

Code Black Herbal Incense

Rich in aroma and taste, top-quality with a great mix of the right natural compounds, Code Black herbal incense takes the cake. The sweet smell of concoction coupled with different flavors to suit the consumer, Code Black range offers a great variety for everyone to choose from.

If you are a great fan of herbal incense, then you are definitely going to love this. With years of perfecting the perfect blend, customers now get a chance to explore the realms of ecstasy with K2 Dispensary’s dependable smoking solutions.

Code Blacks Black Label line offers a tinge of calmness with a sweet fragrance that is neither too strong nor too mild. Then comes Code Black herbal incense Code Blackberry which adds to a lasting effect because of the sweetness in the aroma.

Then you have the sweet and absolutely aromatic flavors that encapsulate your senses in the form of Code Black Mango, Melon, Menthe, Pineapple, and Strawberry. The fruity flavors leave a lingering after taste, not completely over-powering your senses but give the right boost especially during the low phases of the year or life.

Then you have Code Black Straight, which is one of the premium products supplied by K2 Dispensary. Greeted with much euphoria, the sweet smell of pure and natural ingredients sends the user in a tizzy, thus enhancing its smoothness. Freshen up your closet or a huge living area with this product at home. Code Black Plus is another great line of product that lingers in the area long after you have burnt it. Rendering any open space smelling aromatic, it is incense with a class of its own. It acts as a great way to induce sleep and battle insomnia. The natural properties help the user calm their nerves and recharge their tired minds. It a great product to introduce in meditative and yogic therapies.

Every Code Black herbal incense comes with the suppliers guarantee of quality and delivery. All the deliveries are kept discreet, ensuring that none of the contents in the package are revealed openly. Confidentiality is the biggest USP of the company and we ensure that we give you the same at all times. With flexible payment plans, customers can now expect more receptive communication.

Code Black Herbal Incense is reasonably priced, anywhere between $10 to $17 depending on the size and pack. There are exciting offers for bulk orders and we urge consumers to make use of these promotional discounts. Whether it is for a party or regular use, K2 Dispensary assures you of only the best quality without compromising on the richness and blend.

Call our online representative for more information and general inquiries on or email us on Simply log in to our website, choose your product and order it through any online payment method! Delivering in all 50 states of the USA with absolute privacy.

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