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This is often referred to as the Awesome Dark Side.

Black Label is typically mentioned because of the amazing Dark aspect. we have a tendency to compell you to do out the Code Black Black Label Line. it’s been singled out collectively of the simplest line of seasoning incense you’ll be able to consider. Code Black has been distinguished from all alternative wholesale producers of seasoning incense as a result of its openness. most are totally alert to the sort of ingrdients employed in producing the Black Label Line of incense. This approached has yielded fruits. you’ll be able to create necessary arrangements because it will be shipped to any a part of u. s.. selecting our Black Label Line can provide you with the pleasure of enjoying a natural scented incense. Its a decent various for wantinf to freshen the air while not essentially having to agitate an important fragrance. It brings out a sweet scent that blends swimmingly into the encompassing air. The Black Label Line could be a good alternative once expecting guests. it’s additionally adviceable in a very business atmosphere to assist produce heat and appealing atmosphere that might encourage customers to remain longer.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
2g – 48g on the market

Rich in aroma and taste, top-quality with a great mix of the right natural compounds, Code Black herbal incense takes the cake. The sweet smell of concoction coupled with different flavors to suit the consumer, Code Black range offers a great variety for everyone to choose from.

If you are a great fan of herbal incense, then you are definitely going to love this. With years of perfecting the perfect blend, customers now get a chance to explore the realms of ecstasy with K2 Herbal Blend’s dependable smoking solutions.

Code Blacks Black Label line offers a tinge of calmness with a sweet fragrance that is neither too strong nor too mild. Then comes Code Black herbal incense Code Blackberry which adds to a lasting effect because of the sweetness in the aroma.

Then you have the sweet and absolutely aromatic flavors that encapsulate your senses in the form of Code Black Mango, Melon, Menthe, Pineapple, and Strawberry. The fruity flavors leave a lingering after taste, not completely over-powering your senses but give the right boost especially during the low phases of the year or life.


2G, 4G, 10G, 12 PACK X 4G, 24 PACK X 2G

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