Code Black Pineapple


Get Ready for Tropical Herbal Bliss

Sometimes there’s this sense of simply taking a vacation to AN island wherever u will have an ideal tan within the sun and have the services of contemporary fruit juices served each currently and so. however, only a few people will afford such tropical vacation visits. the successive time you discover yourself in such a mood, strive burning Code Black Pineapple. affirmative you would possibly not have the precise feeling as lying on the beach, however, must you shut your eyes and relax your mind, you will simply have the sensation of walking through a tropical pineapple groove. The Code Black Pineapple incense produces a smooth sweet scent that can simply take over your senses. whereas the smoke is powerful, the scent isn’t. after you inhale you’ll end up enjoying the proper mix of sweetness and time of year. By the second breath, you’re about to feel your cares melting away as you lose yourself in a very daydream. By the time the incense has burned out, you may feel rejuvenated and energized. This provides you with AN everyday tropical vacation.

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2g – 48g offered


2G, 4G, 10G, 12 PACK X 4G (48G), 24 PACK X 2G (48G)

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