Diablo Incense


Ingredients: Damiana, MulleinHorehound, Passion Flower, Lavender, and Raspberry

Instructions: The Diablo herbal blend comes cut and sifted but you can grind it up further if desired. Once a desired consistency is achieved, you can place the Diablo in a flame retardant bowl and burn it in the room. Charcoal can help the burning process become more consistent.

Notice: While similar in name to other products, Diablo is 100% Legal.

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What is Diablo Incense

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, Diablo incense will not disappoint. Known online as the biggest crowd pleaser, you’ll find nothing but positive reviews. Nothing quite sets the atmosphere like Diablo, so strap yourself in for an evening you won’t forget.

Damiana is one of the best herbs to use for a base because of its ability to burn smoothly and consistently. Building off a strong base, we add in horehound that pairs perfectly with damiana to create a powerful combination capable of delivering the perfect aroma every time. Passion flower, lavender, and raspberry combine to give a fluffy and fresh base to build off of.

Diablo should be termed an uplifting and clean herbal incense. It won’t send you to sleep or fatigue you, so it’s ideal when you want to relax but still have to go about your day.

The smell of Diablo incense is kind of sharp, while fresh and woody. But not the kind of base note woody that is often used to describe Bizarro incense. This is more of a fresh, mid note woody. A smell that is intensely uplifting rather than a chill one, so use it in moderation to start.

The freshest ingredients from around the world were sourced to bring you Diablo. It’s 100% organic herbs used to create the ultimate blend to burn. They combine to create a great aroma without causing any harsh smells.

When you’re ready to light Diablo up, get a fireproof bowl and put the herbs inside packed tightly. Start with a small amount. Then light the herbs and they will slowly burn and release the aroma into the room.

If you’ve been through ‘hell fire’ as your job, Diablo incense is the perfect blend to see you right.

Diablo is a blend that brings you face to face with the devil. The packaging demonstrates that quite well. This is meant to be an extreme aroma in your room that will set the mood of darkness. It quickly overpowers everything else going on. It’s a well-known blend that has been either the consumer’s favorite or their worst nightmare because of the power of aroma.

The Diablo herbal blend is creating a huge buzz in the potpourri industry. There is a wide variety of options available in this industry but customers keep coming back to this blend. It’s not for everyone, but it is for those looking for extreme scents.

The Diablo incense blend utilizes a great mix of fresh leaves and herbs that give it a crisp and clean experience. The 2019 blend is 50 state legal and doesn’t contain any banned substances. It is intended to be used as an aromatic potpourri only and is NOT for human consumption.

We would recommend you try other blends before ordering Diablo is you’re new to these aromas. This is because this herbal blend is something you work up to over time for how you want your room to be filled with aromas.

Dive into the Diablo blend today to try it out and see what you think of the devil if he should show up with the aroma.


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